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Nathan Clackum is the Ranch Manager of Rollins Ranch White located in Rydal, Georgia. He has held this position since June of 2012. Mr. Clackum began his career with Rollins Ranches in 1998 as the Budget and Information Manager where he largely worked with the ranch managers creating and updating their budgets. He also analyzed carcass data and closeouts on company cattle. He then ventured out of the office and ran a successful commercial cow-calf operation, served as the Beef Herdsman at Berry College, and managed the multi-faceted operations of Ridgefield Farm and Brasstown Beef in North Carolina.

Nathan returned to Rollins Ranches in 2012 as the Manager of the White Ranch. Mr. Clackum holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science and a minor in Business Administration from Berry College. He is a lifelong learner and a student of all things beef cattle and the numbers that drive the business.

The White Ranch is home to 250 cows with the majority being registered Angus, both black and red, and the balance is made up of commercial cows. The current focus is building a highly maternal, low maintenance cow herd. The production of bulls for other company ranches and outside customers is an additional objective. The White Ranch is located approximately 50 miles northwest of Atlanta in the picturesque foothills of Northwest Georgia near Cartersville. The ranch encompasses 1,300 acres with 600 acres of improved pasture and 150 acres of improved bermudagrass hay fields.

Mr. Franklin Dowell is the Ranch Manager at both the Cartersville and Ringgold ranches in Georgia. He also helped start up the Rollins Ranch in White, Georgia, and was manager there for 1.5 years until the current manager was hired. He began his career with Rollins Ranches in 1998 as manager of their Cartersville ranch. Prior to joining Rollins Ranches, he managed the Marechal Ranch in Richards, TX for almost 15 years, and before that, the A-Bar Ranch in Huntsville, TX for 5 years. He graduated from Texas A&M in 1976. Achievements include being Vice President and then President of the Red Carpet Cattlemen’s Association for 3 years and a board member for 10 years. He is currently on the board of directors for the Bartow Co. Farm Bureau in Cartersville, GA.

Daryl Thomas is the Manager of Rollins Ranch Yeehaw Plantation located at Rollins Ranch Blue Cypress in Florida. He has been with Rollins Ranch for nearly 1 year. Daryl has been a Ranch Manager for 15 years. He began his career at age 19, working and gaining experience in training hunting and field trial dogs. Daryl worked as an Assistant Manager at Nilo Plantation in Albany, Georgia where he furthered his knowledge for Wildlife Habitat Management. Daryl manages a very special place at Rollins Ranch, a nearly 7,000 acre piece of Old Florida land turned from cattle to hunting ground. This is a private hunting preserve used primarily for quail hunting by the Rollins family and their guest. The land which is intensely managed and home to the Bobwhite Quail, Osceola Turkey, and Whitetail Deer is picturesque of native Florida pinewoods, oak woods, and cabbage palms. The Plantation is also home to Blue Cypress Kennels, where superb English Labrador Retrievers and Pointers are bred, trained, cared for and sold. Daryl plays an active role in managing, training and conditioning the dogs all year for hunting season. Daryl grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is an active member of the Field Trial Association. When he is not working the string of Rollins hunting dogs, managing and preparing an exceptional hunting experience for the Rollins family and their guests, he enjoys going to the beach, competing in Field Trials, and spending time with his family. Daryl lives on the Plantation with his wife, they have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Rick DeLaVega is the Ranch Manager of Rollins Ranch Lagarto located in Sandia, Texas. The ranch is in the southern region of Texas where mesquite and live oak trees are dominant, only an hour and a half drive from the Gulf of Mexico. Rick has had his position for 10 years. Before coming to Rollins Ranch he was the Ranch Manager at Buena Vida in Freer, Texas for 3 years. Rollins Ranch Lagarto has both a cow/calf operation and provides exceptional hunting opportunities to both corporate parties and the Rollins family and guests. Rick is very appreciative of his opportunity with Rollins Ranch and has enjoyed growing with the ranch. He has managed developing the quail habitat, and takes pride in the abundant quail population they have worked diligently to promote there. Since his time at Lagarto they have also enhanced the White-Tail Deer genetics. Rick has also strived at improving the breed of Pointers and the kennels there overall. Each year he works to improve the hunting experience for the family and guests that come to the ranch. Rick was born and raised in Florida where he attended Fort Lauderdale High School, after completion he went on to Texas Agricultural College. Rick is a member of the Game Warden Association and Caesar Kleberg Foundation. Rick enjoys hunting and fishing when he is not working. He has been married to his wife Sheila for 28 years. He has 2 sons and 2 grandchildren.

Ty Bennet is the Ranch Manager at both Rollins Ranches Okeechobee and Griffith locations, which are located in Okeechobee Florida. He has been with Rollins Ranch nearly 1 year. He has an extensive background in cow/calf production, heifer development and backgrounding high risk calves in multiple states. Ty manages the ranches’ cow herd on a spring calving program which is managed on a rotational grazing program. Ty takes pride in bringing the forage and the herd to their upmost potential using these rotational practices. Ty enjoys the opportunity to run a large scale commercial cow/calf operation and also to play a leadership role in the innovation of the heifer development at Griffith Ranch which develops replacement heifers for all 3 Rollins Ranch Florida locations. With a quality feed program, a strong emphasis on quality maternal traits, and strict guidelines for replacement heifers, it is clear that Rollins’ standards are always evolving to be better than ever. Ty grew up in Southwest Georgia and South Central Florida and went to school in Weatherford, Texas. He is an active member of the Florida’s Cattlemen’s Association. When Ty isn’t managing Rollin’s herds and pastures, he enjoys spending time with his family and rodeos. Ty is married, they have a 2 year old son.

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