Ranching & Business Operations


R ollins Ranches has been a large commercial cow-calf producer in Florida for over 40 years. During that time Brahman cross-bred cows have been developed that produce high quality calves in Central Florida’s difficult sub-tropical climate. By using high performance bulls we provide stocker operations with top-quality feeder calves and feedyards with calves with excellent feeding performance and value.

Strict disciplines have been implemented in the selection and development of cows, bulls, and heifers. Similar efforts also go into improving the pastures and forage quality. Intensive grazing systems and forage management are used to providing cattle with high quality forage.

Rollins Ranches has been a leader in using EID tags and maintaining individual animal data. Proprietary software is used in collecting and managing the data electronically. Having electronic records is important to managing our cowherd and is important to buyers of our cattle who want to increase their profits by taking advantage of various premium programs.

Some of the programs are currently small niches in the cattle industry and may not be significant for years to come. However, we are convinced that cow-calf operators, stocker, and feeding operators will be able to generate more than commodity and standard grid prices for their calves if they have accurate and reliable information and data on each calf marketed.

While records on individual calves may not be of value to some of our customers today, we are convinced that individual data will be important in the future.

We have a comprehensive program for herd health, focusing on prevention rather than treatment, which is the most economical way to reduce the loss caused by disease.

Our programs are integrated with a vaccination and management system to prevent disease. Purchasing and quarantine procedures have also been applied to decrease the possibility of disease into the existing herd. Nutrition, management, housing, and facilities programs have been applied for disease resistance at all times

In short, we provide the finest, purest beef to our clients in the market with the deep understanding of what is needed to produce high quality beef cattle by implementing the natural environment and maintaining outstanding management.

If you would like more information regarding our cow-calf operations or cattle programs, please contact us.