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Cow-Calf Operation
Rollins Ranches specializes in Cow-Calf operations. We provide high quality feeder cattle to produce top-quality beef.

We insist on improving cowherd reproduction and retaining breeding cattle that focus on maternal traits, as well as the growth and carcass.

We have implemented strict methods and procedures in the selections of cows, bulls, and heifers. Not only is the pastureland suitable for grazing, but intensive grazing systems have been implemented in our ranches. The cost of fertilizer, feed, and minimal tractor use has been increasingly reduced as a result by these systems.

The latest technologies are applied to data collection and management of the data is handled electronically. We have a comprehensive program for herd health, focusing on prevention rather than treatment, which is the most economical way to reduce the loss caused by disease.

Our programs are integrated with a vaccination and management system to prevent disease. Purchasing and quarantine procedures have also been applied to decrease the possibility of disease into the existing herd. Nutrition, management, housing, and facilities programs have been applied for disease resistance at all times.

In short, we provide the finest, purest beef to our clients in the market with the deep understanding of what is needed to produce high quality beef cattle by implementing the natural environment and maintaining outstanding management.
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